EMS Training can help you achieve the results you want, and stay fit easier than ever!

What Is EMS Training?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS) works by usING small electric impulses to further contract the muscles during exercise movements. When lifting weights at the gym, your brain sends the same electrical signals to your muscles eliciting a voluntary muscle contraction. EMS simply bypasses this process in sending additional, involuntary clean stimulation to the muscle fibers. Furthermore, your EMS trainer has the ability to adjust each individual muscle group during the training session to maximize the efficacy of every movement, allowing the trainer to focus on form and apply intensity specific to the individual.


EMS Training involves wearing a suit, which includes:

  • EMS Training involves wearing a suit, which includes:
  • Fit & Flexibility Option For Maximum Performance
  • Fit & Flexibility Option For Maximum Performance
  • Electrodes & Straps For Your Legs
  • Non-Slip Material For A Comfort Fit
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Benefits Of EMS Training

Light On Your Joints As No Heavy Weight Needed
Faster Weight Loss & Fat Reduction
Greater Muscle Toning & Body Shaping

First Time? What To Expect

Procedure Duration

An average EMS Training session is 20 Minutes..


1-2 EMS Training Session Per Week Will Get You Results.

I have been doing EMS working with Dr. Green for the past year and seen incredible results. Thanks Dr. Doc!!

Ashley P

I have tried many different workouts over the year but EMS is by the fast the most effective. Recommended for anyone looking to train harder or shake up with their workouts for the better!

Laura W

I was skeptical of EMS workouts but after trying it at Premium Sports & Orthopedic, I was blown away by the results. It’s just a 20-minute session but wow, does it burn!.

James J

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Learn More About EMS Training

Where is EMS training used?

EMS training has been used for years by health and wellness professionals. Physiotherapists use EMS for joint-sparing muscle formation and for targeted back exercises. Elite athletes and models use this equipment along with their training to improve strength and speed. Personal trainers, gyms and beauty centres use this technology focusing on the fitness and beauty enhancements it offers which includes simulation of metabolism, tightening of connective tissue, cellulite reduction, body shaping, and more.

Is EMS training safe?

Training and therapy using EMS is not dangerous. During your EMS training, you will experience small low-frequency currents contracting your muscles. Hence, the impulses do not seem foreign to your body and do not reach the organs.

Why is EMS training more effective than conventional training at the gym?

In short, EMS activates 300+ muscles (over 90% of the muscle fibres) at the same time during your 20-minute workout. This also includes deep muscles which are difficult to target at the conventional gym. Moreover, EMS training comprises of irregular muscle fibre simulation, which results in increased muscle fibre creation at a faster rate, allowing you to gain more muscles. All in all, you will see faster results!

Is EMS technology new?

No! EMS technology was first invented in 1902, has been used for years in physiotherapy, by athletes and models, and with Premium Sports & Orthopedic is now available to you!

How long before I see results?

Within the first few sessions, you will notice better posture and muscle tightening. You will notice visible results including weight loss and body shaping with continued use of EMS training within the first 10 sessions.

Can I lose weight with EMS?

YES! EMS training has two main parts. The first is weight loss visible through the inches you will lose at the waist, hips, etc. while the second comprises of burning those fat deposits!

If I stop EMS training will I get out of shape?

To maintain your figure and stay fit you will need to stay active. One way to do that is through regular EMS training and to adopt an active lifestyle.