Known as the most common pain-causing issue that takes patients to the doctor, it affects at least 80% of Americans during their lifetime.

If you experience lower back pain on a regular basis, especially if it’s affecting your work or sleep, the pain management specialists at Premium Sports & Orthopedic, in Clovis, California, are here to help. To get started on your back pain-relieving treatment fill out the form with your details so we can book you a consult with Dr. Green.


Causes of Back Pain That We Offer Treatments For Include:

  • Arthritis Back pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated Discs & Neck pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spine Trauma
  • Spinal Tumors
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Sciatica
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Back Pain Treatment Overview

Water & Pressure Massages
Physical & Other Pain Relief Therapies
PRP & Stem Cell Injections

Ever Tried Injections For Pain? What To Expect

Procedure Duration

Approximately 45-90 Minutes. Depends on the severity of your injury or condition and the type of injections that are administered.


Frequency Your treatment plan is determined by our specialists on a case-by-case basic.

"I heard about Premium Sports & Orthopedic from a friend and after my consult with Dr. Green, I started treatment for my back with physical therapy and pro injections. I am so grateful to avoid another surgery and finally be rid of pain!"

Kim N

"I was very pleased with my experience at Premium Sports & Orthopedic. Dr. Erick Green and his wonderful staff treated me well. I am now completely pain free! I highly recommend Premium Sports & Orthopedic to everyone"

Jeoy Md

"I had surgery for a bad fall last year and back pain ever since. I’ve been going to Green Sports for years so asked Dr. Green for a second opinion. After a month or so with him my pain starting reducing and the stiffness was completely gone, and eventually all the pain disappeared. Thanks, Dr. Green for everything!"

Mathew R

Restorative & Wellness Treatments

For A Healthy & Active Lifestyle


Medical Weight Loss & Fitness Programs

Body weight & activity levels are the biggest factors that impact our health and are also in our control. Dr. Green M.D. has designed weight loss & fitness programs that ensure the improvement of your overall health. Click here to learn more.


Reducing blood flow and lowering body temperature for short periods of time has been shown to reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, and boost immunity. Cryotherapy can be used to treat sports injuries, joint and muscle damage, and relieve symptoms of Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Click here to learn more.


Learn More About Back Pain Treatment

What are some causes of back pain?

A common cause of back pain is an injury or issue such as muscle sprains or joint irritation. However, in a lot cases, there can be no clear cause.

How Long Does Back Pain Last?

When back pain is related to sprains and strains, it may only last for a few days to a couple of weeks. With rest and self-care, many back issues will resolve as the irritated tissues heal. In fact, 80% of those with acute back pain will feel better within six weeks. If your pain persists for longer or is particularly bothersome, you know it’s time to see a doctor.

How Can I Prevent Back Pain?

Being mindful of your posture, how you lift objects, and performing sports and physical activities with the proper body mechanics can prevent back pain. In addition, try to use ergonomically correct furniture when working at a desk for long hours. Also, aim to maintain a healthy BMI as well as strong core and back muscles.

Can I Treat Back Pain at Home?

If you are suffering from acute back pain, then there are some things you could do at home to relieve the pain. Rest, ice, and heat can help to reduce pain, inflammation, and give the body a chance to heal. Over-the-counter medications may also assist in reducing back pain and inflammation. For chronic back pain we highly recommend contacting a specialist such as Dr. Green.

Can the Weather Affect My Back Pain?

Yes. Our muscles and joints react to our environment. Changes in temperature and barometric pressure can sometimes lead to increased pain in arthritic joints, including the spine or inflamed/damaged joints, muscles.