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Premium Sports & Orthopedic offers patients excellence in Orthopedic Care, as urgently as needed. If you have been involved in a sports-related accident or some other type of physical trauma that caused an injury, it is best to not wait and let our experts diagnose the extent of the injury and design a treatment plan that is wholistic and effective.

  • Ankle & Foot Sprains
  • Shoulder, Elbow, Knee & Hip Dislocations
  • Stress & Compression Factures
  • Hernia (Sports Hernia) Impingement
  • Tissue, Muscle & Joint Injuries or Tears
  • ACL Tear
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Sprained Ankle
  • Rotator Cuff Tear
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The Latest In Injury & Pain Management PRP Therapy

Process & Recovery Duration

60-75 Minutes for preparation, treatment, and recovery time. No extra hospital stay is required.

PRP Therapy Process

The process involves drawing blood, extracting Plasma-rich-platelets and injecting them back into the patient, usually at the site of the injury, pain or trauma.

"I was very pleased with my experience at Premium Sports & Orthopedic. I have been treated with professionalism and care by Dr. Erick Green and his wonderful staff. I felt very taken care of and am looking back to getting back in the game real soon!"

Tony S

"I heard about Premium Sports & Orthopedic from a friend and after my consult with Dr. Green I started PRP Injections for my knee.It took about 3 sessions for me to see results, and I just felt so relieved. I finally saw an end to the constant pain"

Ashley M

"If you’re suffering from any pain or are looking for a good consult you should book an appointment with Dr. Green today! He my father who had been living with pain from a 3-year-old sports injury. After working with Dr. G for a few months he’s finally pain-free!"

Jessica H

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Body weight & activity levels are the biggest factors that impact our health and are also in our control. Dr. Green M.D. has designed weight loss & fitness programs that ensure the improvement of your overall health. Click here to learn more.

Stem Cell Therapy

This latest development in orthopedic care and injury treatment can help enhance the growth of new healthy skin tissue, enhance collagen production, and help substitute scar tissue with newly developed healthy tissue. Click here to learn more.


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What is a sports injury?

Sports injuries are injuries to the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones and related tissues) during sports and physical activities. Sports medicine is the study of sports injuries to prevent them and reduce their severity. Causes of sports injuries

  • These may be injuries that occur due to collisions with other athletes, the ground, and objects.
  • Excessive use and repetitive stress on limbs and joints
  • mproper training, Insufficient exercise, and Insufficient warm-up and stretch before the competition
  • Inappropriate sports equipment or sports gear during sports activities.
  • What are the common signs and symptoms of sports injuries?

    Consult Dr. Green immediately if you are injured, have recently been injured or are suffering from pain or loss of functionality due to an injury for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan. Symptoms to understand if you have a sports injury may be:

  • Bruises and bleeding
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Inability to move joints
  • Sprains and strains that cause cramps and muscle pain (tendons/muscle tears) injuries
  • Fractures, head, and spinal cord injuries Joint dislocations: Mainly the hand and shoulder joints
  • What should be done to treat sports injuries?

    The first thing you should do is visit an orthopedic care facility such as Premium Sports & Orthopedic to ensure quick and effective treatment. For immediate care the starting point for the treatment for sports injuries is RICE therapy,

  • Complete rest: Do not lift heavy objects or put weight on the injured area,
  • Ice therapy: Place an ice pack on the injured area to reduce pain and swelling,
  • Compression: Wrap the injured area with elastic bandages to ease swelling
  • Elevation: Place a pillow under the injured area to prevent fluid accumulation.
  • To relieve pain and inflammation, doctors will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • What is orthopaedic medicine?

    Orthopaedic medicine is a specialty focusing on the diagnosis, correction, prevention and treatment of injuries or disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic doctors address conditions related to the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons in the body.

    How can I avoid orthopaedic issues?

    As the body’s support system, bones need to stay healthy and strong. Regular exercise is important to maintain bone health. Exercise will also help you avoid orthopaedic issues in the future. Diet and nutrition are also critical to orthopaedic health. A regular intake of calcium and vitamin D in your diet will contribute to strong, healthy bones. Minimizing caffeine and alcohol consumption supports healthy bones and joints, as does avoiding smoking.

    How Do I Know If My Pain is Acute or Chronic?

    Acute pain is a normal physiological response to injury--think of the shock of pain you feel when you get a cut or burn yourself while cooking. Acute pain arises quickly, is very intense, and subsides completely over a short period of time. Most acute pain should go away by three months. If acute pain isn’t properly treated, it can develop into chronic pain - pain that persists for longer than three months. Chronic pain occurs when pain signals in the brain continue firing long after recovery from illness or injury. One of the biggest causes of chronic pain is damage to peripheral nerves after an initial injury. Even after the injury heals, the damaged nerves continue to receive and send out pain signals into the body.

    When Should I Seek Treatment for My Pain?

    For acute pain, especially that arises without any visible or known physical trauma you should visit orthopaedic care or ER immediately. For chronic pain, especially after an injury, any physical stress (such as surgery, covid or serious illness) or any pain that lasts longer than three months you should seek out an orthopedic or injury care specialist like Dr. Green. Ignoring persistent pain can cause it to get worse, and may make treatment more difficult.